24 March 2011

coffee song

where's the coffee
cause i need it hot and black
i got have my coffee
or i'm not coming back

i mean last night was nice
and all, i had a great time
you really are amazing and
i think you blew my mind

but morning is here now
and i gotta get to work
just tell me where you keep your beans
i'm not trying to be a jerk

sorry, i just can't get awake
and i just can't face the day
my brain's is on overload
i'm not sure what to say

it's cause i haven't had my coffee
and the wheels just won't turn
i gotta have my coffee
this truth you should learn

so brew me that coffee
make it hot and black
if you just brew me that coffee
you know i'll be back

cause life without coffee
isn't something i want to know
cause if i cann't have my coffee
damn it, i'd rather be alone

so you work in a coffee shop
sorry i was a jerk
i would like to make it up to you
maybe walk you to work?

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Anonymous said...

That's great!