31 March 2011

no power

Wow, sitting in the dark at 6 AM with the power off and no Internet. I feel very unplugged. Although, I do have my iPhone sitting on the shelf next to me and I have already updated my Facebook status with the power outage, so how unplugged am I really. Then there is the matter that I am sitting here typing on a laptop with far more computational power than was used to land man on the moon.  I think I need to do a little more work on my unplugging, although in fairness, this was not a planned period of unplugging. I keep meaning to do one of those, just 24 hours worth, but life has not been cooperating with that.

I suppose given that all the power is out and I cannot really work as m project is on my desktop which is quietly cooling off in the dark corner, I could use this time to meditate. I have the guided meditation on my phone and I know where my ear buds are. It’s the perfect time to get it out of the way if I can get over the distraction that the power could come on at any second. Let’s give it a try.

Okay, I am back and feeling very… oh what is the word I looking for? Self-congratulatory that I took advantage of the power outage and made good use of the time. Okay, now I am ready for the power to come back on. I am waiting. Well I guess the universe has other plans for the time being. It’s still dark outside and honestly I am not sure exactly what time the sun comes up. I think I have awhile.

The cat seems undeterred in wandering around the house in the dark. It’s making the most interesting noises. If this was the end of a horror story instead of a blog entry, I would now end with “at least, I think that’s the cat...”

Okay, really, what part of lights action camera are you not getting?

So, after some more sitting in the dark our intrepid young hero decided to keep his momentums going even without power. Noticing that the sky was just beginning to lighten and one of his resolutions was to get more exercise he decided that a brisk walk was in order. By the time he returned, the power still wasn’t on. With web based training class approaching and no internet connection, our hero jumped into the shower, jumped into the car, and hightailed it to work. (With a brief diversion to Starbucks.)

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