31 December 2009


This year was one for the record books. I ended a marriage of 19 years. I bought a house. I made friends. I challenged myself personally and professionally. There were some rocky times and there were some really good times. I am profoundly grateful for all the good things that came my way.

When I make a list of New Years Resolutions, I am always a little afraid of the list turning in a wish list of stuff I hope happens rather than stuff I am going to make happen. Actually it doesn’t work all that well when I try to make things happen… perhaps I will just say that these are thing things I am going to try to work for everyday and if what I want to happens does happen, great. However, usually whatever happens is more or better than I could have planned for.

That being said, in 2010 I am going to work towards:

  1. Going out on a date.
  2. Having friends over more often, doing more with friends, being a better friend.
  3. Getting back on the exercise beam, be it hiking, walking, running, biking, or some combination thereof.
  4. Getting back to my goal weight.
  5. Being more grateful.
  6. Being less critical.
  7. Being more open.
  8. Reading more.
  9. Taking a slightly more organized approach to life and getting things done.
  10. Doing the things I least want to do first so I can enjoy the rest.
  11. Paying it back and paying it forward.

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.Zannah. said...

If there is anything your friends can do to help support any of these endeavours, please let us know. :) You've come so far recently, I can only imagine more great things ahead of you.