01 January 2010

Day 1 2010

It was nice to wake up on the first day of the new year to a house that was a little cleaner and a little cozier than it started the week. Household things that I have gotten done the past few days: drained the outside water faucets, crawled across crawlspace to repair vent in foundation that had fallen off, sealed off hole in foundation for air conditioner power line, hung a set of blinds in the office, hung a set of shades in the bathroom, hung a mirror in the hallway, put some really cool Ikea nightlights in the hallway and living room, started scraping the peeling paint off the hallway ceiling, made up the bed in the guest bedroom, moved some of the-stuff-with-no-place to the attic, vacuumed, cleaned up the kitchen and organized things a little bit better, found the duvet cover, put the down comforter on the bed, washed all the dirty laundry, folded it, and put laundry away.

Lately I’ve watched a couple of episodes of the Serenity television series which I picked up for a song at Best Buy. Via Netflix I have seen: Episodes of Califonication Season 2; The Poker House (on a recommendation by Moncia Puller) which I thought a well crafted film; Blindness, a better than average entry in the Lord of the Flies category; Good Dick, which evidently is completely forgettable because I have forgotten it already; Transformers RotF, which was terrible; and The Proposal, a solid entry into the chick-flick category which I really enjoyed.

I had breakfast with friends at The Original Pancake House and then Vickie and I went saw an early showing of Avatar. I really like the movie, but I found it derivative of other works, especially Dances with Wolves, Star Wars, and LOTR. Or have I just consumed so much media that I find everything derivative. The movie did keep a sense of humor about itself without going over the top and did have some topnotch actors on-board. It was the first movie that freaked me out with how real an artificial environment could be made to appear on screen. It’s possible the 3D had a lot to do with that.

After the movie I came home and puttered around the house for quite awhile. I vacuumed again, tidied up the kitchen and washed the glass in the kitchen door making the kitchen itself look a thousand times better. I didn't use my time very well, I was a little distracted by something.

Finally had some dinner and settled in to watch Breaking and Entering.

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