26 January 2010

Day 25 2010

I began the day after a really good night's sleep, with a cold. No, no, no! I don't have the time and energy to be sick! My first stop was the kitchen for some Emergen-C and Alka-Seltzer Cold. Next stop Starbucks Italian Roast and a Kashi rollup for breakfast that I quickly regretted. Starting Monday a little under the weather isn't helping my enthusiasm for the beginning of the work week.

The cold really hasn't been getting better as I have gone through the day. I did go out and get a huge bowl of hot ramen soup from the Tin Drum for lunch. Was exhausted when I got home. Killed a bit of time in front of the television watching The Tournament, your standard every seven years all the best assassins get together and have a dual to the death to see who is best. Not something I would have trouble following the plot of even with the worst of head colds. Fell asleep on the couch before eight, woke up long enough to drag myself to bed and the warmth of a down comforter.

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