31 January 2010

Day 30 2010

Saturday. A friend bought me breakfast at Ikea and then we went shopping. I made it out of with just a couple of night-lights and spending less than $10. Which is good because I had my eye on some blinds, under-cabinet lighting, sheets, bookcases, and kitchen accessories. Was a nice way to spend the morning. On the way home I stopped at Publix and bought some groceries to get started on the weekend and possibly the week. I spent the day doing laundry, puttering around the house, and watching an episode of House and an episode of The Deep End.

The adventure for the day was when I realized that the vent duct for the dryer had come loose and the hot moist air was just spilling into my dinning room. The first clue was all the condensation on my dinning room windows. The tricky part was I cannot actually see the back of my stacked washer/dryer unit. It's a single unit and slides back into a dedicated closet. So I got out my digital camera and reached around trying to get a clear image of what was going on back there. Sure enough the vent duct had indeed come off. I pulled the washer/dryer out as much as I could with the power and water lines still attached, got down on the floor, and wiggled my way behind it. It turns out that the installers hadn't actually secured the duct to the washer/dryer with anything so it was hardly surprising that it had fallen down. With no real way to secure it, I got down on the floor and wiggled my way back out of the closet. I rummaged through the kitchen benches and found of all things a  replacement flexible dryer vent duct of the needed length. I have no idea when I got this duct, how long I have had it, what it was doing in my bench, or why if I have had it unused for years, I had not given it to goodwill or something. Regardless it was just what was needed. I wiggle back into the closet again, replaced the existing duct, wiggled back out again, and presto... I had a properly ducted washer/dryer.

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