30 January 2010

Day 29 2010

I've had a cold since late Sunday night, today is the first day I could wake up and really say, I am feeling a lot better. Something is wrong in the universe, you never get over a cold right before the weekend! Another small kindness the universe gave me today was randomly bumping into someone from work at McDonald's and having them spontaneously pay for my breakfast. Don't know why, but it started the day on a nice note.

Went with Donald at lunch to run diapers to his son's daycare. Almost didn't make it back to the office in time for a pretty heavy one pm meeting. Immediately after the meeting I had a class to do so the afternoon flew by. I was a little late getting home, where I had some dinner, left over spaghetti, watched some Mad Men, and what else is new, fell asleep on the couch.

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