07 January 2010

Day 7 2010

I took a few minutes off to drink some coffee and watch Jennifer's Body this morning, I thought it a well done example of the genre, a teenage horror movie with a little bit of wit and class, but with all the "classical" elements, girls, boys, breasts, sex, teenage angst, mental institutions, spring formal, rock and roll band, demonic possession, and of course some girl on girl action. But it's not a parody of the genre, it's a rare example of the genre done really well.

Right after writing the above paragraph, I went outside and got in my car ready to start it up and head off to an early day at the office. I turned the key, the dashboard lights came on, there was a click, and... nothing. The starter didn't engage or even try to turn the motor over. I ran through the entire Denial-Anger-Bargaining-Depression-Acceptance cycle in about four minutes, went into the house, got a couple of things together, got myself in gear, walked about 200 feet down the street and around the corner, and caught a Marta bus. Score one for ITP (inside the perimeter) living!

The commute by bus was not a bad thing. I was already dressed appropriately, my iPod was charged and loaded with the latest Stephen King, and I was head to work early. There was also the most incredible sunrise. The weather was changing and the sky was absolutely soul-stirring. I am not sure I would have noticed it if I had not been standing at a Marta station. I would have been sitting in my office staring my computer screen. Car breaking down, probably around $500. Getting to see a really awesome sunrise and really noticing it, pretty much priceless.

The funny thing is the commute was longer than driving directly in, but shorter than my typical drive home. I think it might have averaged itself out. I think I will make a point of taking transit at least a few times a week once my car is running again, more if I can get in shape and buy the single speed bike I want to use as a commuter.

Before going to bed, I watched 9 on DVD and really enjoyed it. (The animated post-apocalypse film, not the Italian musical.)

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