20 January 2010

Day 19 2010

I got to work this morning and found out that a friend and close coworker had committed suicide the night before. It was like being splashed in the face with a bucket of ice water. I knew he was facing some challenges, but I had no idea that he had become so troubled that he would even consider something like this.

Dean was a good guy. He helped me become better at my job, he helped me move my wife out, he helped me move, and he would always lend an ear when I was stressing out about something.

Robert B Parker died yesterday as well. He was actually one of two authors that my ex-wife introduced me to when we first met and we had a shared a love of. (The other author being John D. McDonald). Parker wrote the Spencer series and other works, including some first rate westerns. Parker's death seems like another turning of the page as my life moves on to another chapter. There have been so many of these moments since the day I realized that I wanted to end my marriage it's seems silly, but I guess a marriage that write over 19 years isn't something that you close the chapter on in just a couple of pages or even a couple of chapters. People say it takes time, I hate it when people are right.

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