06 January 2010

Day 6 2010

I woke up this morning having a work related nightmare, dreaming of plots, conspiracies, and general bad juju. I hate waking up directly from a nightmare because I sometimes have a hard time shaking it off, particularly if it plays directly into something that is going on in real life. I am sitting here, sipping my coffee, trying to remember that it is now, i am here, and i have coffee. I am trying to avoid slipping into a mode where I am either obsessively worrying about the past or the future and get focused on what I can get done today. Not what I need to get done, not what I have to get done, but what I can get done.

Wow, what a day. Left the house about 6 AM, it's 6 PM and I have just decided that my brain is so fried that I need to take a break. Come to think of it I didn't take a lunch or a break today. Stacy, Dave's wife, sent me chili for lunch... which I ate while busily working, so I did get something to eat at least.

Picked up some fast food one the way home. Diet FAIL. Watched about half an hour of Jennifer's Body. Talked to mom on the phone for a bit. Bed.

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