05 January 2010

Day 4 2010

The first work day of 2010 and it started off with a bang. Major changes with a significant workload increase and refocus headed my way. It’s funny, there have been times when the prospect of change has just tipped the anxiety meter over on its edge. This time around I can tell the anxiety is there, but there is also some excitement. It’s a very weird feeling, but a good feeling.

In the middle of this really crazy day, I almost missed an important appointment taking the ex to a doctors appointment on my lunch hour, but didn’t. A little voice told me not to take an extra five minutes to get the Starbucks I was craving which would have made me miss an important meeting. I am not the best in the world at listing to that little voice, especially when it comes to something like a Starbucks that I am craving, but I did this time… just one of those little miracles I guess.

I found a Secret Santa package on my front stoop from Seattle, inside a Starbucks mug and coffee, so the universe saw to it that I got my Starbucks yesterday after all, just in a different time and place from what I had originally thought I wanted.

Later on I made another good decision that had a lot of parallels to the Starbucks choice earlier, but was considerably more intense. It will be interesting if life leaves something like that on my doorstep.

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