20 January 2010

Day 20 2010

I awoke to the news that a good friend is a dad again as of 12:02a. Happy Birthday Brendan Martin Williams!

I woke up early and drove in today, so I actually had time have a cup of coffee and think for a few minutes this morning. Time is such a sweet luxury. Seems like I have not had any in 2010. So much on my to do lists, I try to look at that as a good thing, it means that I am alive and living.

I made myself breakfast this morning, a avocado chicken breast wrap, took the car into work, remembered to take a lunch break... even if it was quite late and I fed myself the highly nutritionally suspect McDonald's McDouble 390 cal (19 fat /33 carb / 22 protein) and a tasty if also nutritionally suspect Starbuck's Triple Vanilla Non-Fat Extra Hot Latte 200 cal (0 f/7 c/ 12 p). For dinner I had another wrap and a can of Trader Joe's Chili 460 cal (6 f /66 c /36 p).

I had a such a late lunch because I was teaching a class from noon till three on new products. I cannot believe how much I love to teach. It's funny how I get better and better and doing the classes the more times I repeat it. Sometimes I think I am going to be board to tears, but somehow its a lot more interesting teaching the class than it is sitting in it.

The air was off at work so I tried to come home to get some stuff done, but it just didn't happen. I watched an episode of Castle, and an episode of 24 (and I am still 2 episodes behind). It's just a little after nine and my eyes are feeling heavy.

Dean's funeral is Saturday morning. The weather was awesome today, but I took the car for the second time this week, which means I need to take the bus for the next couple of days. The forecast of course is for rain.

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