13 January 2010

Day 12 2010

Was it only Tuesday? It hardly seems like it. Once again Monday was so long and stressful that Tuesday seemed more like Thursday.

It was a strange day. Somehow in the course of normal conversation I told my friends and officemates the story of the most shameful thing I'd ever done and one of them the true story of how I lost a particular job. I've only told a handful of people that stuff and it's not stuff I normally talk about. It's remarkable to have people at my job whom I trust and respect enough to feel comfortable being real with.

Yesterday seemed a slightly better day at work, although I still have more to do than hours in the day.

The good news about yesterday is that I got my car back from the repair shop! It turns out there was an after-market security system installed on the car that I didn't even know was there. My folks had never mentioned it to me. I don't know if they were even aware of it. The idea was that with this security system wired into the ignition system, you had to have this extra little dongle to start the car. So far as I know that dongle has been sitting plugged in just below the dash since 1995. Evidently last week in the bitter cold the electronics in the security system I didn't know existed gave up the ghost and even with the dongle would not allow the car to start. I could have read the entire Internet researching cars not starting and I don't know if I would have stumbled on that diagnosis. So the fix for the car was removing the security system that had never been used and restoring the car back to factor configuration, which cost me all of $140 including tow.

After picking up my car, I took my guest to the grocery store, came home, watched a new episode of NCIS and went to bed soon after. It looks like I will be able to return my guest this Saturday and it will be back to just me and the cat.

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