09 January 2010

Day 8 2010

The Honda still will not start, I have not figured out where and how to get it fixed. But it was a good day to take the train into work. (Although this is a picture of the journey home. The predawn journey into work didn't really lend itself to photography.) The roads where not exactly impassible, but there were definitely some icy spots and Atlanta drivers are not known for their safe and cautious winter driving. They are more likely to dart around as fast as ever and act surprised when they find themselves skidding across ice towards a collision. I actually watched this phenomenon occur outside my office window. The side street was perfectly passable if you were slow and cautious, but would bite you if you were carrying any speed.

It was a long and stressful day at the call center. The snow, ice, and school closings resulted in a high number of call outs and I had to spend most of my time on the floor which is going to leave me with more work this weekend than I would like.

With the car temporarily disabled, I have been thinking again of a commuter bike, both the Surly Steamroller and the Raleigh One Way are starting to look very interesting.

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