16 January 2010

Day 16 2010

What is it about early mornings and coffee that is such a time devourer? I sat down to have my coffee, glance at the interwebs, and to try to come up with something add to the conversation. And then suddenly it's time to finish that cup of coffee, hit the shower, and launch myself into the day.

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I drove my guest back to North Carolina today, two and a half hours each way. We left close to 3PM and I got home about 8:45. The drive up wasn't too bad, but the drive back in the dark and rain was a pain. I should have insisted on an earlier time. The pain was somewhat eliminated by stopping at the Commerce Starbucks both on the way there and on the way back. Of course the downside of running on Latte Power was feeling a little jittery and out of sorts after the drive was over, I was safe at home, and trying to wind down watching the Colts dissect the Ravens 20-3.

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