23 January 2010

Day 22 2010

Friday. I took pubic transit to work which made 3 times this week. That translates to saving over 120 miles of driving which saved $14 in fuel alone. The total cost of those rides $12. So for the week I am up a couple of bucks of actually cash in my wallet before you even start on wear and tear on the car. I drive a 4 cylinder 95 Honda Accord given to me by my parents. I live in perpetual fear that it is going to need major repairs, especially since I have been learning to take better care of it as I go along. I can be such an idiot sometimes.

I took my lunch early and walked about a mile down the road to get my Starbucks on before returning to start teaching a class at noon. It was a nice day for a walk, although I didn't have time to sit and enjoy my latte and it was consumed long before I made it back to work. I should probably be grateful that Starbucks is a slightly inconvenient walk away from the office. At any given point in time, it's good for my waistline or it's good for my budget.

My friend Dean's memorial service is tomorrow and it was one of those days where people kept mentioning his name, I kept thinking of questions I would have asked him, my weekly Friday meeting with him popping up its reminder on my calendar. Not quite ready to delete it, but is it seems like bad juju to to have an outstanding weekly appointment with a dead guy. No good could come from keeping it.

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