04 January 2010

Day 3 2010

Woke up, met friends, had coffee at Pot’n Pan. Went by Trader Joe’s on the way back to the house to get some groceries. Cooked pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast. In the afternoon I went to see Up in the Air with mom. It was a really good film, genuinely funny in places, genuinely dark in others. One of the film’s themes was the protagonist’s failure to connect with anyone which struck a little close to home. Over the past couple of years I have struggle to include more people in my life and to forge more connections with people.

After the movie I came home and fixed a spinach chicken salad for dinner. My house guest and I watched an episode of Serenity and I hit the sat early. I was feeling a little melancholy, I don’t know if was the movie, the houseguest, the end of the holidays and going back to work, or some combination thereof.

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