02 January 2010

Day 2 2010

I had breakfast with friends at the Corner Bakery next to Maggiano's. Came home and puttered about the house for a bit, putting the finishing touches on the guest bedroom. About 11:30 AM I drove to Greenville, about halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte to meet my ex-wife and give her a ride to Atlanta. She's not driving yet, she is in the process of getting her driver's license straightened out and getting a car. Meanwhile, her pain specialist is in Atlanta. It gave me a chance to find the one Starbucks just off I85 between Atlanta and Charlotte that I had not been to yet. We at lunch at 5 Guys Burgers and had a good conversation on the way back to Atlanta. I think we got back to my house about 6:00 PM. We talked for a bit. I got some good advice from a Plurk friend and called another friend to get a sanity check. We talked for a bit longer and watched an episode of Serenity on DVD. I think I might have ended up acting like an adult in communicating my feelings and my boundaries in plain English.

I am an ex-husband who cares about the person he used to be married to for twenty years and would like to figure out how to be a friend to his ex-wife and support her in what she tries to do as a completely independent person. I don't want to be her best friend, I want to be a friend among her friends. I am not going to try to  fix, not going to try to rescue, I'll just be someone she can call if she needs to talk.

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