15 January 2010

Day 15 2010

It's Friday which seemed to take its sweet time getting here this week. Work has been extra challenging this week and a couple of days away from it will spell sweet relief.

I didn't take the bus as I had planned on Thursday, I had to wear a sport coat to work and that was not compatible with the 21 degree temperature. But I made up for it on Friday.

It occurs to me it costs $4 to take MARTA to work. My commute is 40 miles round-trip. Using AAA's average cost per mile of 54 cents to drive a car, plus a dollar in tolls, the cost of driving is $22.60. So each time I take public transit I am saving $18.60.

So this hip single-speed bike I think would be really cool to commute on... if I put $18.60 in an envelope every time I take the bus... I could pay for that $800 bike by April 30th with zero impact to my budget. I need to look to see if my actual costs of owning a paid off 95 Honda Accord are anywhere near that AAA figure, but still it is an intriguing thought.

Before bed I watched an episode of Serenity as I work my way through the DVDs. It's funny how I have very little recollection of most of the episodes even though I really loved the series.

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