07 May 2011


I am not saying that I am easily distractable, but I was having some yogurt and thinking that I needed to write an entry about budgeting my time and attention because I not making near the progress on several projects that I want. I had gotten as far as typing in a title and had a bite of Fage Greek Yogurt. I thought to myself the Acai Berries flavor was pretty good so I went out on the Internet to see what kind of plant Acai Berries grew on and if you could grow them in Georgia and it was not until several minutes later I realized I had started this entry and immediately abandoned it. For the record, no you cannot grow them in Georgia or anywhere else the temperature regularly gets below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

So with the overload of projects both work and personal I realized that I need to be pretty serious choosing what I am going to focus my brain on at any given moment for the foreseeable future and budget my time carefully. There is so much I want to do, to learn, to explore, and experience and time seems so limited!

Cloning seems like an approach, but I think there are a couple of cautionary sci-fi stories out there about that.

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