07 May 2011

The Weekend Finally

I took this picture of the sky yesterday as I was sitting in traffic on the way from from work Friday afternoon. It was gourgous out, but I was not feeling any lifting of my spirits from those beautiful blue skies.  It had been a long week. I was hoping to come home and get some things done, but was just too tired and frazzled. I settled for cooking some burgers, eating, then laying down and listening to the Braves game. I am not a big baseball fan, but I do find listening to games on the radio very relaxing. I certainly did last night, I fell asleep almost immediatley. (Hey, they won!) I don't even think that I feed the cat last night, she was looking at me fairly indignantly this morning when I woke up.

A friend posted this link on Facebook this morning, a TED video of performance poet Sarah Keyes which got my mind started on the right note. It's a little uneven, but there are bits of it I really like. A few clicks later I found an even more talk on TED, Steve Job's Stanford University graduation speech on How to Live Before You Die where he talks about having the faith to follow your heart and how you should wake up everyone morning, look in the mirror, and ask yourself if what you were going to do today would be what you would do if you knew if it was the last day of your life, and if your answer to that was no too many days in a row you had better make changes. He talked about how dropping out of school freed him to learn and how being fired from Apple opened up so many other doors. It's definately worth a listen.

I've had coffee with friends this morning to get the weekend off to a good start and have been spending most of the day relearning CSS and XHTML and have started delving into ASP.NET and C#. I'm thinking of making it a goal to become a training and educational web guru. And if that doesn't work out, maybe I can just become a web lackey, sell the house, move to Seattle, and spend my life biking between coffee houses.

Tonight I'm looking forward hearing my extremely talented friend Rheba perform at Ragamuffin Hall's during their open mic night tonight.

I have a couple of hours before heading out for dinner and music. Think I will spend it hitting the book again or maybe brushing up on my Gratuitous Space Battles skills.

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Michele said...

Moving to Seattle and biking between coffee houses sounds like a plan. Or you could move to California and be a beach bum...
Hope you have a good week this week and learn a lot.