11 February 2010

Day 41 2010

It's a cold morning and my head is aching from this cold that refuses to let go. I woke up, made coffee, and wandered into the office to putter online for a bit before getting ready for the day. At one point I looked at the time and realized that I had never made to my second cup of coffee, never made it to breakfast, and if I didn't get myself in gear, wasn't going to make my bus. I made it to work, but definitely don't have that bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, ready to take on the world feeling. I feel in need of a few quiet unremarkable days off.

I was looking forward to my iPhone arriving on Thursday, so I was delighted when I found it was out for delivery on Wednesday, the excitement ramped up when I found it had been delivered. I kept telling myself to focus on work despite my urge to dash home to claim it off the porch and play with it. But I waited until the end of the day, took the bus home, and found the package from AT&T sitting on my doorstep. I started up iTunes, plugged in the iPhone, ran through the setup, and made my first phone call to mom. Then came figuring out what to do with all my contacts. I synced with my Google Contacts which probably makes sense, but it resulted in a lot of junk in my address book. Then there was the matter of all the contacts in my old phone, I sat pretending to watch Criminal Minds, but mostly what I did was manually transfer contacts from my old phone to the new one.

There is definitely a learning curve to it.

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