20 February 2010

Day 51 2010

I am having a bit of trouble with what tense to be writing in on this blog. Usually I get up in the morning and write about the events of the day before. So when I say Day 51 is it the day I am writing about, or is it the day that I am writing? Do I worry too much about these questions? Probably. There is a time stamp so anyone can pretty easily figure out that I am writing about the day before. But anyway, I thought this morning, the 51st day of the year that I would try writing about what is happening now, right here, as I write. That the title of the post now refers to when I sat down to write, and less about what happened on a given day. Trying to write about yesterday as if I was wrapping up my thoughts at the end of the day was giving me a headache.

So I cannot call Friday just another day in the office. Things continue to be stressful. I finished my first full week of being out of an office and back on the call center floor. There are positives and negatives on being on the floor and back in cube-ville. I am suddenly much more plugged in to what is going on with this particular client and with the agents in our technical support center, but more removed from bigger picture stuff which takes place in those (for me: ivory tower?) offices. I have friends that are telling me that if I want to get ahead I need to pay more attention to the bigger picture stuff going on inside those offices, but there is an instinct in me that says if I focus on doing a good job at whatever level, the big picture will take care of itself. And my experience thus far has shown this to be true.

Yesterday I took Marta but stopped at the Lindberg Starbucks to have coffee, talk with a friend or two, and completely change my attitude towards the day. Refreshed by a latte I continued on to work and had a fairly productive day. Meant to leave early, but ended up only leaving about fifteen minutes before my usual time. When I got home I finished off the leftover sketi, curled up on the couch and watched Pandorum, not the most relaxing movie to watch by yourself in a cold dark house on a Friday evening. Although curling up under some blankets on the couch with a cat curled up next to me sort of took the edge off. It was okay, there was a lot in the film that perked my interest. It didn't quite deliver on all the potential of the plot and I felt there was some inconsistency and murkiness in the story telling towards the end.

This morning I am trying to decide what to do with the weekend which even at six am on a Saturday feels like it is slipping away all too quickly. I was able to set at my computer and finish my two cups of Sumatra this morning for the first time since last weekend, what a decadent luxury.

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