11 February 2010

Day 42 2010

I am very quickly getting used to having an iPhone. It's a nice little piece of technology.

For awhile however, I thought something was dreadfully wrong with it. I tried everything I could to get it to connect to a wireless router in the office but could not get out to the internet. I went online and read all these horror stories in forums about bad wi-fi in iPhones. After stewing over this for about an hour I realized that the router was turned on, but was not plugged into the network. Once I plugged the router into the network, my wi-fi speed improved significantly

I came home and made some awesome sketti and later a friend came over to talk. I think I was able to be useful and that was a good feeling, a very good feeling. I got to bed late after watching about ten minutes of The Mentalist and deciding that it would make more sense to try to catch it later, maybe even online.

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