15 February 2010


Transformation, bridging that gap between who we are and who we want to be sometimes seems so overwhelming. I tend to forget that most of the time it starts with small things and that practicing on the small things is what allows you to do something differently when the bigger life altering moments come along. There is a  part of me that wants to make sweeping changes, preferably without a lot of effort. To just go from being one way to being another. Sadly I don't think that is the way the universe works.

It is probably a good thing that wishing does not make something so. You never really know much about a destination until you make the journey to get there. And in making that journey you might find that your original destination wasn't somewhere you really wanted to go at all, that life had something better to offer along the way that you never would have seen if you had been instantly and magically transported to your destination. You found something better along the way because you had been making those frustratingly small baby steps up the path, one after another, after another, after another.

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