21 February 2010

Day 52 2010

Saturday Morning was coffee, friends, breakfast, Trader Joe's, and then home to start whittling away at all the stuff that needs doing around the house. I've been leaving the house well before dawn, returning after dusk, and it's been pretty cloudy and overcast. Yesterday was the first really sunny warm day that we have had in ages and it really underlined how much cleaning I needed to do around the house. I saw the house in the sunlight for the first time in ages and said, "holly cow I need to clean!" Just vacuuming the house seemed to take forever and a day, but I got it done. I stripped the bed, ran the linens through the wash, and remade the beds. I did a load of darks, a load of whites, and all the laundry folded and put away. I scrubbed the bathroom sink, toilet, and floor. I fixed one of my speakers. I figured out how to take it apart, found the wire that had come loose, and reconnected it. I have treble coming from the right speaker again! It makes the television and the radio sound so much better. I made chili for lunch, and rice and beans for dinner. I did the dishes. I checked the traps in the attic for small furry unwelcome guests, none! I changed the litter box for the cat. I did some misc cleaning, sorting, and thinking about what do I need to do with this and that.

Somewhere in there, I did find time to catch up on Grey's Anatomy which made me tear up as always. It was fascinating watching characters you love at much earlier points in their lives. I don't think that Grey's has ever used flashback extensively before and while I enjoyed the episode it made me realize that I am glad it's not a show that relies heavily on flashback. It would take away from the immediacy of the show. I watched Grey's sister show, Private Practice, and then an episode of the Deep End which I am largely watching because I find Tina Majorino so adorable (and have ever since Veronica Mars).

Not a bad day, it even seemed to have a bit of balance to it, scary thought. Only thing I could have done batter was I was helping someone jump a car and someone else, who owned the jumper cables and the car doing the jumping, was insisting that I do it the "right" way which was actually wrong and I knew it and didn't stick up for myself. You connect the red (positive) on the car to be jumped, the red on the car that is doing the jumping, the black (positive) on the car doing the jumping, and then the red to any bare metal on the car being jumped except the battery. The reason being is that batteries can let off hydrogen gas and when you make the final connection that's when you are potentially going to get sparks. You don't want those sparks to ignite the battery. (confirmation)

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