19 February 2010

Day 49 2010

On a whim took the train an extra stop to the Sandy Springs Station just to see what it was like to walk to work from that station. It's a bit further, but has the advantage of a putting a Starbucks directly in line between the station and the office. Previously if I was going to divert to Starbucks it would require a lengthy detour.

Rie Rasmussen
I came home feeling a little down. Make some sketti, probably ate too much of it. Watched a Luc Besson film called Angel-A which is a re-imagination of the classic It's a Wonderful Life. The man pushed to his limits, down on himself, and thinking of ending it all is AndrĂ©, played by Jamel Debbouze, and the angel in this case, is played by Rie Rasmussen, a tall, leggy, blond super model.

The angel in this case is not your typical angel. She lights one cigarette after another because as she explains, where she's from, you cannot even sneak one. And that is only the begininig. Ms. Rasmussen a delight to watch on screen both fun and beautiful.

Visually the movie, shot on location in Paris, is pure black and white eye candy of the first order.

Thematically part of what angel-a tries to get the lead character to see in himself, parallels thoughts and feelings I have been having lately. Issues of self-esteem and fear of being oneself. I am still noodling over some of the stuff it stirred up.

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